Andrew Marshall

Andrew Marshall is the ex-Chief Editor, and now writer for Cointelegraph. Being involved in the Bitcoin scene since 2014, he enjoys learning, and writing about new ways the blockchain technology can change our world for the better.

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Tapping into Mental Assets of Individuals Propels Hybrid Intelligence to New Heights

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How Blockchain Reshapes Online Advertising: Trends

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Russia’s Crypto Friends Discuss Key Industry Trends in St. Petersburg

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ICO: Three Ways of Conducting It, and How Companies Choose One

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ICO Report: Adel

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How to Launch a Successful ICO, Explained

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SegWit, Explained

APR 19, 2017

ICO Market: from $6,000 to $150 mln. Overview with Waves CEO

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Bitfury Signs Blockchain Partnership with Ukrainian Government

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P2P Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Explained

APR 04, 2017

$10 Mln ICO: Blockchain Capital Outlines Terms of Funding Round

APR 01, 2017

Bitcoin Unlimited Hard Fork. Should I Do Something About It?

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