Andrew Marshall

Andrew Marshall is the ex-Chief Editor, and now writer for Cointelegraph. Being involved in the Bitcoin scene since 2014, he enjoys learning, and writing about new ways the blockchain technology can change our world for the better.

NOV 24, 2013

Mysterious transaction of 194,993 BTC

DEC 02, 2013

Aussies’ CoinJar Standing Tall After a Major Investment

DEC 02, 2013

Joke Hits the price of Bitcoin and Avalanches the Market

DEC 05, 2013

Bitcoin Popularity Draws Attention to the Personality of Satoshi Nakamoto

DEC 10, 2013

No Sacred Status for Bitcoin in India

DEC 10, 2013

eBay Requests a Physical Guarantee to Allow Selling Bitcoins

DEC 13, 2013

How Much “Antipode” is the Attitude of Australia on Bitcoin

DEC 14, 2013

Inside Bitcoin: Day 2 (11th December)

DEC 20, 2013

The Exchange Service Mt.Gox to Enter the 2014 with New Features

DEC 25, 2013

Bitcoin Started to Ensure Healthcare for Its Owners in 2013

DEC 25, 2013

Interest and Positive Attitude towards Bitcoin Proven by Bank of Japan

JAN 02, 2014 to Support Elsa Hammond in the Raw for Pacific

JAN 03, 2014

37coins to Make Bitcoin Transactions Simpler

JAN 03, 2014

Bitcoin Center Has Been Opened in New York

JAN 04, 2014

Not All Bitcoins Go to Heaven