Evander Smart

Evander Smart worked for many years as a Wall Street banker, and has learned how the economy is self-destructing from the inside. His travels, experience and research have led him to Bitcoin as the best way forward for the common man. He looks to spread the word on how Bitcoin can help anyone break the shackles of economic slavery being created by global establishment forces. Evander gets you thinking about what money really is, and how it will work for you going forward. The world of finance is changing, and he is ready for it. Are you? He trains people worldwide in the power of Bitcoin at his website.

Author’s posts

China is Bitcoin’s epicenter, and this leveling out of Bitcoin values may be just the beginning, as China has found this economic loophole and is beginning to p...
Bitcoin Price Falls 8% as Chinese Government Plans Bitcoin Cap
Evander Smart
Bitcoin price moved from under $700 to over $735, according to Bitcoin Average, over the course of 36 hours. Is the new SegWith release a major factor?
Bitcoin Price Soars Over 5% to Open November; Is Segregated Witness Cause?
Evander Smart
India is quickly becoming a hotbed of Bitcoin activity
India's Illegal Darknet Drug Syndicate Exposed; Authorities to Seize Bitcoins
Evander Smart
Bitcoin conquered its temporary price barrier to reach over $700 USD for the first time since the first day of Summer.
Bitcoin Conquers Price Barrier, Passes $700 USD For First Time Since June
Evander Smart
Segregated Witness (or SegWit) was added to Bitcoin Core. Will it be the first step towards a mainstream-ready global decentralized digital currency?
Bitcoin Begins Segregated Witness Era, What Happens Now?
Evander Smart
It is time to look at a new champion that no one saw coming in 2016.
Ethereum’s Ether to Become World's Best-Performing Currency in 2016, Bitcoin Second
Evander Smart
Kim Dotcom: “We are all really excited about taking Bitcoin to the next level.”
Kim Dotcom's Megaupload 2/BitCache Reaches Funding Target. Now What?
Evander Smart
A ship has left Houston, Texas, headed for Qingdao, China with 88 bales of cotton. A smart contract to authorize payments for these bales through an entry on th...
Wells Fargo and Australian Bank Begin Sending Physical Products Via Blockchain
Evander Smart

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