As I went over in an Op-Ed on Sunday, Hillary Clinton could not be allowed to become President of the United States. Call me crazy, but the world does not need openly corrupt, lying, World War 3-threatening politicians controlling Washington.

Donald Trump wanted to “drain the swamp” and he is a man who gets things done, starting at the head of state. He’s already done more in one night than President Obama has done in eight years. Thank you America, for joining me and the rest of the liberty movement on the right side of history.

Ok, enough about me being so right all the time…..what does this mean for Bitcoin? I’m going to give you three fast ways Trump helps Bitcoin and provides Bitcoin a much better future than the corrupt alternative.

Bitcoin price should go up even faster for the rest of the year

Bitcoin has proven to be just like Donald John Trump, a winner, from jump street, and 2016 has been no different. Bitcoin was up by over 60 percent this year going into election night, and these results will only build upon that growth throughout the coming weeks and months ahead.

Bitcoin has proven to be a safe haven for economic turmoil, and it proved it again last night. “Nervous Nellies” within the market started running to the “future of money” for financial protection as soon as the Trump train began its trip to Washington last night.

Bitcoin was powered up by almost 4 percent, and just like with the Brexit and the British pound, national currency values should plummet and Bitcoin prices should jump nicely in playing its backup role as an economic “safe haven.” I hope you like higher Bitcoin values. In times of economic uncertainty, Bitcoin always comes out ahead.

Not having World War III should be good for Bitcoin

Hillary Clinton didn’t exactly hide her lust for war when speaking to her political masters leading up to last night. She had a political agenda, and starting World War III with Russia, while blaming them for the sun not shining bright enough, was right at the top of her presidential “to do” list. President-elect Donald Trump has a better way forward, starting with negotiating a good relationship with Russia, and not killing hundreds of millions of people, which sounds like a winning plan to me.

If you don’t start the war to end all wars, there are many more people available to share, buy, sell, and improve Bitcoin, so, duh, Bitcoin’s global development is empowered for at least the next four years. How sweet is that?

Choosing the right President protects the Internet and Bitcoin

Donald J. Trump does not get into the White House without the Internet sending his viral message. He and the Internet are BFFs. The Internet will not be centralized, corrupted, or swallowed whole by multi-national, centralized organizations like the United Nations. Now, the Internet has an overseer in the most powerful man on Earth. This is inherently sweet for Bitcoin.

Expect your new President to use the Internet to continue to send his messages of hope, justice, and optimism to the masses through online means. To do this, the masses will need unfettered access to these online services, so the Internet should be free to be awesome for the foreseeable future.

The globalists have again lost to the people. First, Iceland, then “Grexit,” then “Brexit,” now “The Trump Train.” This “America first” program Trump speaks about should move shaky investors into Bitcoin, yet give Bitcoin and its technologies the chance to continue to improve and grow throughout the rest of the decade.

In an alternate ending, Bitcoin would suffer dearly under a more crushing globalist regime. Instead of a storm of new Internet and digital currency regulations, we the people remain in control of our own fate. Thank an educated electorate for a brighter future for Bitcoin. Last night proved that getting out and voting works, for Bitcoin and the world.