Shivdeep Dhaliwal

Shivdeep Dhaliwal grew up in North India and is a Post Graduate from Punjab University. He has written on money, investing and risk management for more than a decade. Shivdeep likes to travel in his free time and has a particular fondness for the Asia-Pacific region. His current interests are cryptocurrencies, fintech and micro-finance.

APR 29, 2017

Nikkei Was Wrong to Claim Takemiya Was Founder of NEM, Leading Japanese Blockchain

APR 25, 2017

Why US and Europe’s Regulators Plug Bitcoin, Blockchain Access to Legit Financial System

APR 24, 2017

Bitcoin Has Power to Break People Out of Poverty, Current System Broken

APR 22, 2017

What Brexit Means for London’s First FinTech Unicorn TransferWise

APR 20, 2017

Fork Over Your Fingers or Cease to Exist: India’s Biometric Blackmail

APR 17, 2017

Permissible Smart Contracts Machine Moves to Hyperledger, “No Competition” With Ethereum

APR 16, 2017

US Spooks Compromised SWIFT Banking Network: Hackers Group

APR 13, 2017

Legal Status of Bitcoin in India to Be Addressed at Global Summit by Assocham

APR 12, 2017

Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies Shaping Future Economy, Capitalism Morphing

APR 05, 2017

Japan is Set for Massive Explosion in Bitcoin Acceptance

APR 03, 2017

IBM Plans to Use Blockchain to Clean up China’s Air

MAR 31, 2017

Thousands Sign DABFI’s Petition to Announce Bitcoin as Legal in India

MAR 30, 2017

Flogging a Dead Horse? Bank of England Bets on Blockchain & AI

MAR 28, 2017

Indian Minister Terms Bitcoin to be Illegal in Parliament

MAR 27, 2017

To Apply for Alaska Bitcoin Licence, Fork Over Your Fingerprints

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