Shivdeep Dhaliwal

Shivdeep Dhaliwal grew up in North India and is a Post Graduate from Punjab University. He has written on money, investing and risk management for more than a decade. Shivdeep likes to travel in his free time and has a particular fondness for the Asia-Pacific region. His current interests are cryptocurrencies, fintech and micro-finance.

MAY 26, 2017

Keep it Simple: HitBTC Helps Digix DAO Users Receive ETC Bounty With Ease

MAY 25, 2017

As Bitcoin, Altcoins Fall, Coinbase Bows Out Due to Technical Problems

MAY 24, 2017

Ban or Else: Indian Government Asks Citizens What to Do With Bitcoin

MAY 22, 2017

Exchanges Are Weak Point of Cryptoworld, NVO Will Change It

MAY 20, 2017

Palestine Considers Launching Its Own Bitcoin, But Why Reinventing Wheel?

MAY 19, 2017

Blockchain Platform Based in Singapore Reinvents Gift-Giving in India

MAY 10, 2017

Ethereum Blockchain Will Help UN Go Cashless, Distribute Food to Hungry in Jordan

MAY 06, 2017

Linux’s Hyperledger Invites Community to Construction of Blockchain-Making Tool

MAY 04, 2017

Eat, Say Cheese, Fly Away: Six Ways to Spend Your Bitcoin Around The World

APR 29, 2017

Nikkei Was Wrong to Claim Takemiya Was Founder of NEM, Leading Japanese Blockchain

APR 25, 2017

Why US and Europe’s Regulators Plug Bitcoin, Blockchain Access to Legit Financial System

APR 24, 2017

Bitcoin Has Power to Break People Out of Poverty, Current System Broken

APR 22, 2017

What Brexit Means for London’s First FinTech Unicorn TransferWise

APR 20, 2017

Fork Over Your Fingers or Cease to Exist: India’s Biometric Blackmail

APR 17, 2017

Permissible Smart Contracts Machine Moves to Hyperledger, “No Competition” With Ethereum

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