Feb 28, 2018
Mar 01, 2018

Advertisers reserve budgets on the platform by purchasing ADH tokens, while influencers are rewarded with ADH tokens for executing their task properly. All transactions at AdHive, including payments for additional services, are executed in ADH.

The demand for ADH token is justified by the continuous expansion of the ecosystem due to the inflow of new participants, and correlates with total advertising budgets of all ad campaigns hosted on the platform.

The overall token supply is limited to the initially issued amount. The company's revenues are kept in ADH without conversion to fiat currencies.

Project Team
Dmitry Malyanov
Project development, operations, co-founder
Vadim Budaev
Strategy, HR, technological development, co-founder
Alexandr Kuzmin
Token model development, investment and financial management, co-founder
Dmitry Romanov
Strategy and business development
Ivan Kotov
Operations, marketing
Kristina Kurapova
Legal compliance and structuring
Denis Vorobev
Software development. Artificial Intelligence expert
Denis Dymont
Frontend and full stack developer
Alena Vinokurova
Project Manager
Ksenia Kraevskaya
PR Director
Serguei Popov
Scientific and token product concept advisor
Ivo Georgiev
Ad tech advisor
Eyal Hertzog
Blockchain and ad tech advisor
Larry Christopher
Bates Community advisor
Ariel Israilov
Investment advisor
Token generation cap

450,000,000 ADH

Tokens exchange

1 ADH = 0,0005 ETH

Token distribution

60% Pre-ICO & ICO
15% Network Growth
11,5% AdHive Founders
2% Reserve
1% Escrow
4,5% Community Grants & Bounties
6% Advisory board



Expect to raise