Sep 19, 2017
Oct 31, 2017

The key issue to address is the human factor when it comes to aviation safety. Human factor, possible corruption in the flight schools all contribute towards unsafe skies. Aeron, by implementing blockchain technology, can benefit pilots, airlines as well as ordinary consumers.

They are planning to integrate blockchain in such a way, so that pilot logs become more verifiable and transparent. They are also going to implement solutions that will help verify flight school credentials and help aircraft operators access uncorrupted data.

Aeron is building a global decentralized aviation record system called Aeron Register and focused on flight safety. Powered by blockchain technology, this online system includes a global aviation database accessible by online portal or mobile applications. 

Project Team
Kirill Kazakov
Customer Experience Analyst
Anastasia Moroz
Community Manager
Maria Shirokova
Public Relations Manager
Artem Orange
Nadezhda Barkanova
Konstantin Gertman
Ruslan Zholik
Ali Badeea
Business Development MEA
Dmitri Prokopenko
Business Development China
Andreas Fleischer
Business Development Europe
Kateryna Starcheus
Product Designer
Pavel Liplianin
Product Manager
Eric Ross
Eric Benz
Strategy Advisor
Nikolay Syusko
Business Development Advisor
Constantinos Kozakos
Aviation Advisor
Dmitrijs Kasjarums
Vladimir Feoktistov
Tokens generation cap

100,000,000 ARN

Tokens exchange

1 ARN = 0,5 USD

Tokens distribution

60% sold in the token pre-sale and general sale
20% allocated for network growth to incentivise participation in the ecosystem
18% retained for the development team
2% to cover administrative costs