Jul 16, 2017
Aug 17, 2017
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Agrello provides a graphical interface, templates and custom wizards, allowing you to readily draft legally-binding multi-party contracts, readable by humans and machines alike

Project Team
Peter Brady
CEO and Founder at BlockForward, ADvisor
Eric Gu
CEO and Co-Founder at ViewFin, Advisor
Adam Vizri
Director at Diacle, Advisor
Paul Kohlhaas
Team Member at Consensys, Advisor
Hando Rand
Project lead
Alexander Norta
Chied scientist
Addi Rull
Sales and development
Margus Poola
Development and finance
Simon Tobies
System architect
Teddi Rull
Sales and development
Anton Vedeshin
Implementation lead
Peter Brady
CEO and Founder at BlockForward
Eric Gu
CEO and Co-Founder at ViewFin
Adam Vizri
Director at Diacle
Paul Kohlhaas
Team Member at Consensys
Grace Torrellas
Founder of
Hikaru Kusaka
Founder of Blockhive

16.07-18.07: 1Δ  =  0.0001 Ƀ
18.07-28.07: 1Δ  =  0.00011 Ƀ
28.07-07.08: 1Δ  =  0.00012 Ƀ
07.08-17.08: 1Δ  =  0.00013 Ƀ

Available currency


Expected to raise

Fund Raise Cap : Max. 10,000 Ƀ

Tokens distribution

66% - Market
10% - Foundation
7% - Partners
7% - Founders
6% - Advisors
4% - Community pool