Jul 17, 2017
Aug 29, 2017
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AI∙COIN is a tokenized investment fund that combines the pinpoint accuracy of Artificial Intelligence trading with the “Wisdom of the Crowd” to create substantial wealth for coin holders. The first part of the strategy uses AI models that scour the market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week looking for profit opportunities in the top 7 cryptocurrency markets. The profit from this trading is used to finance investment in early stage AI and public blockchain companies. These investment opportunities are voted on by coin holders on a quarterly basis through the AI∙COIN which provides complete transparency and supervising control of the voting process.

Project Team
Gavin Smith
CEO, Founding Director
Andy Tynan
Founder, Developer
Lee Cooper
Founder, Developer
Marcie D. Terman
COO, Founding Director
Jon Matonis
Board Advisor
joe Belmonte
Marketing Director
Fran Feldman
Customer Service
Alex Nelson
Infrastructure & Security

>0 to 200 AICOIN tokens (>0 to 2 BTC) - 5% bonus tokens
>200 to 1000 AICOIN tokens (>2 to 10 BTC) - 15% bonus tokens
>1,000 AICOIN tokens (>10 BTC) - 20% bonus tokens

Friend invitation:
Before ICO start - 4% bonus tokens of their deposit
After ICO start - 2% bonus tokens of their deposit