Apr 20, 2018
Jun 05, 2018

AITHEON is the digital ecosystem that enables symbiosis between Humans and A.I./ Robotics, helping organizations to thrive, while also creating workforce opportunities in an era where automation is reducing jobs. They are the bridge for businesses, workers, robotics suppliers, coders, and professionals to integrate, producing world class results.

Project Team
Andrew Archer
Creator / CEO
Ryan Burleson
Chief Strategy Officer
Head of Web Application Team
Saad Shah
Lead UX/UI designer
Rachel Wang
Executive Assistant
Erica Harvitt
Director of Brand and Marketing
Alexandros Toutzaris
ICO Relations Manager
Daniel Spyralatos
Social Media Manager
Cyrus Hodes
Moe Levin
Token generation cap

3,500,000,000 AIC

Token distribution

68.67% Miners pool

10% Aitheon Platform Development 

7.14% Crowdsale

6% Aitheon Team

5% Rewards pool

1.43% Pre-Sale

1% Bounty Campaign

0.76% Aitheon Advisors

Tokens exchange

1 AIC = 0.35 USD

Expect to raise

Hard cap 250,000,000 AIC