ARNA Genomics

Dec 15, 2017
Feb 10, 2018

ARNA platform is fundamentally powerful as it enables development of tests for different types of cancers. The team will start with ARNA BC, the test for Breast Cancer, the nightmare of modern women. This is an enormous global market that keeps growing. Current version of ARNA is fully equipped to obtain all necessary formal approvals from FDA and other regulatory authorities, however, it recognizes the most acute pain of modern healthcare that is diminishing trust between general public and the official healthcare regulation system. Hence at the second stage of the project it brings to you and to the rest of the world ARNA Panacea, the blockchain expert system that will make possible for people to personally validate healthcare technologies. 

Project Team
Egor Melnikov
CEO & Founder
Anatoliy Melnikov
Co-founder and HEAD of R&D, creator of ARNA tests
George Nikitin
Co-founder and COO, blockchain platform ideologist
Ilya Senechkin
PhD in Life Sciences, Embryology Director ("Center IVF" network of clinics, Russia)
Sergey Chernyshev
Deputy head of R&D, PhD
Magomed Chatuev
Software architect and developer
Sergey Dolgachev
Deputy head of R&D, PhD
Alexander Mazaletskiy
Software Architect
Vladimir Savanovich
Co-founder, Head of Investor Relations
Dmitry Grigoryev
Sergey Borovskiy
Dmitry Kulish
Dr. Alex Kosik
Mikhail Groubman
Ed Kanalosh
Sönke Bartling
Vladimir Savanovich
Marina Sekacheva
Token generation cap

1,000,000,000 ARNA

Tokens exchange

1 ARNA = 0,000266 ETH

Expect to raise

Soft Cap: 3,333 ETH
Hard Cap: 130,000 ETH

Token distribution

50% ICO
24% Retained by ARNA Genomics
25% To incentivize the ecosystem
1% To cover ICO