Sep 06, 2017
Sep 06, 2017

A global standard for creation, promotion and sale of tickets that is not controlled by any one entity

Project Team
Alan Vey
Director, full stack engineer
Annika Monari
Director, full stack engineer
Kavon Soltani
Head of sales
Mario Vassiliades
UI/UX design
Arnaud Gaboury
Head of communications
Benedict Lewis
Full stack engineer
Tokens generation

Minimum: $6 million (24,490 ETH)
Target: $15 million (42,857 ETH)

Tokens exchange

During sale period: 128 AVT = 1 ETH
1 AVT = 10,000 miniAVT

Tokens distribution

60% (6,000,000 AVT): crowdsale
19.5% (1,950,000 AVT): distributed over 3–5 years as new user incentives, to applications building atop the protocol, event organisers, and promoters
2.5% (250,000 AVT): social bounties (50,000 AVT) and bug bounties (200,000 AVT)
18% (1,800,000 AVT): Aventus team, advisors, and corporate partners