Aworker (Private)

May 26, 2018

Aworker is a next-generation recruitment platform based on Blockchain with an ambitious purpose to disrupt the HR industry. It changes the way of hiring employees via smart contracts. Aworker will reduce costs per hire up to 4 times and increase people's income. The hiring of personnel is one of the most influential markets in the world, its volume is more than $429 billion.

We are creating a decentralized and reliable solution for employees and companies based on the Ethereum blockchain with smart contracts. Our solution consists of a job marketplace, skills verification and an independent rating of reputation. Employees get the opportunity to find a job and make money on their network, skills and professional achievements. Companies get access to a decentralized rating and skills verified via smart contracts.

In Aworker, people will be able to recommend their acquaintances to open positions and get paid for it in WORK tokens, after the person will be submitted to the job. At the same time, all participants in the key stages of recruitment will receive a reward. It is possible with the help of Ethereum smart contracts. 

Project Team
Anton Cherkasov
Co-Founder & CEO
Michael Barkov
Co-founder & HR Partner
Sergey Streltsov
Chief Marketing Officer
Michael Doshevsky
Svetlana Fomenkova
Business Development Director
Serafima Aleksandrova
Roman Ivantsov
Pavel Levkovich
Project lead
Alex Zachinalov
Frontend / UI
Giovanni Lesna
ICO Strategy Advisor
Wulf Kaal
Blockchain Advisor
Keith Wareing
Marketing & HR Advisor
Coleman Maher
Partnership Advisor
Alex Maslyuk
HR Advisor
Denis Polulyakhov
ICO Strategy Advisor
Vasily Kuznetsov
ICO Marketing Advisor
Suumit Shah
Digital Marketing Advisor
Alex Linenko
Tokenomics and Strategy Advisor
Andrey Korotkov
Business Analyst Advisor
Dimitriy Goustchinski
Community and Partnership Advisor
Dmitriy Lyamenkov
Business Analyst Advisor
Token distribution

Advisors 7%

Team 10%

Reserve fund 15.8%  

Token Sale 60%

Seed investors  4.2%

Bug Bounty 2%

Bounty 1% 

Tokens exchange

1 WORK = 0.00042 ETH

Expect to raise

Hard cap: 24,770 ETH