Blockchain Terminal

Apr 01, 2018
Apr 30, 2018

Blockchain Terminal (BCT) is a platform that provides real time validation, security and compliance for hedge funds, wealth management and cryptocurrency trading. 

The BCT platform provides a robust layer of security and functionality to familiar tools, and capabilities that advance the current strategies of traditional investment managers, and also supports the complexities of cryptocurrency markets. Emerging cryptocurrency- focused investment funds enjoy sophisticated platform tools for both front and back office operations along with the added value and assurance of a compliance framework that provides security for investors across this rapidly emerging asset class.

The central distinguishing feature of BCT is a hybrid ledger that integrates both a private and a public, permissioned blockchain to enable its core services. This hybrid ledger is anchored to the broader Ethereum blockchain, which can be freely used and addressed by BCT applications, a set of modular productivity tools and services that are supported by the Blockchain Terminal Foundation. Developers on this platform have easy access to production-tested infrastructure, with embedded compliance and broader distribution enabled by BCT’s comprehensive business strategy. The BCT is a high-availability network device that securely journals compliance entries for a hedge fund’s Chief Compliance Officer, and is also a desktop terminal for use by hedge fund traders, analysts, portfolio managers, and operations staff. All installed hardware devices on a firm’s network are configured to a private ledger that improves the overall integrity of critical data through consensus. This journaled data interacts with the global BCT permissioned ledger to provide an external anchor for internal activity that can be observed and verified by external constituents, including auditors and regulators without compromising confidentiality. The supporting BCT token facilitates the functions of this platform and enhances the convenience of the BCT as a showcase mechanism for a new generation of best-of-breed applications for the industry.

Project Team
Bob Bonomo
Edith Pardo
Alexander Bogicevic. PHD
Bernd Petak
Daniel Araya. PHD
Dean Pannell
Andrew Pankov. PHD
Nick Ghiba. PHD
David Israel
Adnan Ali
Todd Ruppert
Scott Walker
Jon Matonis
Christian Ferri
Crystal Rose
James Duplessie J.D.
Craig Sellars
Joel Emery
Sean Koh
Richard Titus
Miko Matsumura
Michael Terpin
Dennis Weidner
Token generation cap

900,000,000 BCT

Token distribution

400,000,000 Private Pre-Sale
280,000,000 Public Pre-Sale
90,000,000 Public Sale
70,000,000 Market Dev & Advisors
60,000,000 Firends & Family

Tokens exchange

1 ETH = 7,500 BCT

Expect to raise

Hard cap: 51,500,000 USD