Feb 15, 2018
Mar 08, 2018

Dogezer enables entrepreneurs to form and manage their software development teams without the need for outside funding. Dogezer effectively helps team members to become product investors through the investment of their time and labor into the product. Dogezer will allow individual contributors to break through the “glass ceiling” and become co-founders/early investors of innovative companies, with a minimal risk. 

Dogezer provides everything needed to run a virtual software development company, including Dogezer’s financial system. Such financial system can work with traditional payment mediums, cryptocurrencies or be used to generate project specific currency. Individuals executing a project can be paid using project specific currency, which is convertible to a share in the specific project’s success, implementing the “Your team is Your investor” concept.

The Dogezer environment can also be used by traditional companies to replace a plethora of tools they are currently using. With Dogezer, they will no longer need to solve integration issues between different products and pay to multiple vendors. Dogezer allows them to use one integrated and efficient product, with all the tools required available in one place

Project Team
Alex Kozlov
DoLead, DoCode
Nikita Rams
Sergey Chmilenko
Nataliya Kozlova
DoPromote, DoSupport
Dmitriy Dolinin
Mike Sorokin
Daniel Savinov
Elizabeth Lebedeva
Arina Karpova
Dmitry Mokhov
Nikita Kozlov
Arthur Matevosyan
Artem Bolotov
Sergey Sukov
Sr. Vice President, Engineering and Delivery at Guavus
Dan Khomenko
Financial / Marketing Specialist
Aleksey Gudkov
Legal Advisor
Token generation cap

100,000,000 DGZ 

Tokens exchange

Jan 15h 13:00 UTC-Jan 22th 00:00 UTC: 1 DGZ  = 0,90 USD 
Jan 22h 00:00 UTC-Jan 29th 00:00 UTC: 1 DGZ = 0,95 USD
Jan 29h 00:00 UTC-Feb 5th 00:00 UTC: 1 DGZ = 0,98 USD
Feb 5th 00:00 UTC-Feb 15th 00:00 UTC: 1 DGZ = 1 USD

Token distribution

Funds collected: 1,000,000 USD-5,000,000 USD

10% Legal
75% Development
5% Servers and Support
10% Marketing

Funds collected: 5,000,000 USD- 20,000,000 USD

5% Legal
50% Development
10% Servers and Support
35% Marketing