Jun 15, 2017
Jul 18, 2017

Genomic data is extremely sensitive. Most people are not aware that your DNA contains information about your life expectancy, your proclivity to depression or schizophrenia, your complete ethnic ancestry, your expected intelligence, maybe even your political inclinations. Within a decade or two your genome will likely reveal even more

Project Team
David Koepsell
CEO & founder
Vanessa Gonzales Covarrubias
Co-founder, genomic science advisor
Maurizio Viviani
Lead developer
Gianfranco Tavella
Software engineer
Tokens distribution

100.000.000 available:

- 80.000.000 available for sale
- 10.000.000 for developers team
- 5.000.000 for marketing
- 5.000.000 for bonuses


Purchasing bonus:

- 1 BTC = 72,000 Gene-Chain Coins. (This amount will diminish by 5% weekly)
- Over 1 BTC = 3% extra
- Over 5 BTC = 5% extra

Biggest overall purchaser over the course of the campaign will get 1,000,000 extra Gene-Chain Coins.