Aug 10, 2017
Sep 07, 2017

Filecoin is a protocol token whose Blockchain runs on a novel proof, called Proof-of-Spacetime, where blocks are created by miners that are storing data. Filecoin protocol provides a data storage and retrieval service via a network of independent storage providers that does not rely on a single coordinator, where: (1) clients pay to store and retrieve data, (2) Storage Miners earn tokens by offering storage (3) Retrieval Miners earn tokens by serving data.

Filecoin is IPFS's project. 

Project Team
Skylar Norris
Lars Gierth
Jesse Clayburgh
Hector Sanjuan
Friedel Ziegelmayer
Juan Benet
Jeromy Johnson
David Dias
Matt Zumwalt
Nicola Greco
Zakub Sztandera
Victor Bjelkholm
Tokens distribution
70% to Filecoin Miners (Reward)
15% to Protocol Labs (Genesis)
10% to Investors (Genesis)
5% to Filecoin Foundation (Genesis)
Token generation cap

Limited Supply: a total set by the token sale