Jun 15, 2018
Dec 21, 2018

Friend is a powerful platform for developers. It connects arbitrary technologies and deploys them onto the internet. It reduces development overhead by providing a framework for user, access and file management. Additionally, it offers a graphical user interface with a window manager that works on every platform that has a web browser. Here, developers can tune their environment and manage their cloud resources.

Friend lets developers connect their applications to other apps running on the network to unleash functionality never seen before. Its technology enables creation of distributed systems that allow applications to share data and functionality -  code, compute, and storage - dynamically and cooperatively among two, or many, nodes to offer scale, efficiency, and truly best-of-breed features and capabilities across any work domains.

By providing virtual computer templates Friend also lets organisations deploy applications and services with zero deployment cost.

Project Team
Hogne Titlestad
Founder, Chief Architect & COO
Arne Peder Blix
CEO & Founder
Thomas Wollburg
Jolanda Engelvaart
CFO, Chairman
Paul Lassa
Pawel Stefanski
Software Engineer
Francois Lionet
Senior Software Engineer
Espen Olsen
Software Engineer
Chris Andre Strømland
Software Engineer
Artur Langner
Systems Engineer
David Pleasance
International sales & Marketing
Colin Proudfoot
Financial Advisor
Rune Trengereid
CEO Softmerge
Christoffer Herheim
Terje Gausel
Business Developer Nordics
Fritz Fjellaker
Art Director
Anneke Leigh
Community organizer
Adam Spring
Product Evangelist, Spokesperson
Dan Wood
Product Evangelist, Spokesperson
Tokens generation cap

2,000,000,000 FRND

Tokens exchange

1 ETH = 20,000 FRND

Token distribution

Crowdsale 82%
Friend Team 6%
Friend Network AS 12%


Expect to raise

Soft Cap: 25 000 ETH
Hard Cap: 75 583 ETH