Ink Protocol

Jan 22, 2018
Jan 23, 2018

Ink Protocol is a decentralized reputation and payment protocol powered by the Ethereum blockchain and XNK, an ERC20 compatible token.

XNK is the underlying currency used in all Ink Protocol transactions. As a result, all transactions and feedback are backed by proof of payment on the blockchain.

XNK is also earned by mediators for the mediation services that they provide on transactions.

Project Team
Gee-Hwan Chuang
Co-Founder & CEO
James Fong
Co-Founder & President
Gee-Hsien Chuang
Head of Product
Ngan Pham
Charles Huang
Mobile Developer
Xenor Chang
Lake Chang
Jerry Chen
Natalie Acosta
Member Support
Ricky Lugonja
Member Support
Ashton Lauren
Member Support
Samuel M Smith
PhD Chief Architect Reputation AI Systems, ConsenSys – Reputation, Identity
Philip Krim
Co-Founder & CEO, Casper E-commerce, Biz Dev, Marketing
Token generation cap

500,000,000 XNK

Tokens exchange

1 XNK = $0.10

Token distribution

6% ​Reserved ​
30% ​Pre-ICO & ICO
32% ​Retained ​by ​Listia, ​vested ​over ​3 ​years
32% ​Allocated ​for ​distribution ​and ​incentivizing ​the ​network, ​released ​over ​3 years

Expect to raise