Jan 23, 2018
Mar 01, 2018

MARK.SPACE is world’s first open-source platform for creation of 3D/VR compatible websites (units) and objects, and for their fast integration into a single ecosystem. The platform is supported by miners and is Blockchain-based.
What makes MARK.SPACE unique? How are you any different from other projects that combine VR and Blockchain technologies? It’s all really simple. Use of VR and Blockchain is the ONLY thing we have in common with other projects. The main advantages:

  • High readiness level (see for yourself by visiting our demo & constructor!);
  • Cross-platform use: our project supports most platforms- all types of smartphone, tablet, PC or even smart TV;
  • Easy to use: coding or programming skills are not required to use our platform and create virtual spaces;
  • The project is in-house developed and initially funded by its cofounders.
Project Team
Yana Kontorovich
СЕО & Founder, PhD in Economic Sciences
Evgeni Malkin
Co-Founder and owner of 2 virtual spaces within the platform
Oleg Ershov
Managing Partner, Marketer, Entrepreneur, Organizer of public events
Denis Polulyakhov
Managing Partner, IT-entrepreneur
Vladimir Shlyapin
CTO, Entrepreneur, IT-developer
Vladislav Utushkin
Marketer, Entrepreneur
Alexander Shtankovsky
Head of Developers, IT-developer
Siruz Faramarz
Head of VR & 3D Departmen
Sergey Kulikov
Head of Digital Advertising
Alexandra Golovina
Communications Expert, Content Creator
Andrei Kalashnikov
Communications Manager, Translator
Boris Baranov
Editor, Localization, Community Manager
Darya Kolessova
Asian Region Community Manager
Andrey Sinyakov
Asian Region Community Manager
Joji Natsui
Asian Region Community Manager
Yaroslav Karpov
Asian Region Community Manager, Translator
Eric Benz
Managing director Cryptopay
Sam Lee
o-founder of Ethereum South China and South Asia, General Partner of Coin Street, Executive in Digital Media and FinTech in China and APAC
Malcolm Tan
Legal and Asian market Advisor
Reuben Godfrey
o-founder the Blockchain Association of Ireland, Ireland's Crypto Coast
Token generation cap

3,000,000,000 MRK

Token distribution

29.50% Token sale fund  
28.66% Rendering fund  
19.00%  Liquidity fund
10.00% Core team
3.00% Consultants  
6.00%  Angels
0.50% Bounty fund 

Tokens exchange

1 MRK = 0,1$ 

Differences from competitors

Working demo and prototype, solid partners, exceptionally high quality of rendered objects

Expect to raise

1 stage: $35,000,000
2 stage: $75,000,000