Feb 01, 2019
Apr 30, 2019

MOBU is a decentralised and end-to-end solution for launching compliant security tokens. MOBU will support Reg S, Reg D, and Reg A+ compliant security token offerings, and with the incorporated ability to select experienced legal counsel across multiple jurisdictions within the platform, token issuers can be sure they can create compliant tokens within their local jurisdictions

MOBU solves a distinct problem in a multi-trillion-dollar securities market. The MOBU platform creates a set of rules that govern the issuance of compliant security tokens, and program them into smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain ensuring transparency and immutability. Its clear business model demonstrates the unique use of and demand for the MOBU token on the MOBU platform by tender users. The MOBU platform ensures competitive pricing for legal, smart contract design, etc. to ensure lower barriers to entry and higher profitability for investors.

Why security tokens instead of conventional shares
• Fees are lower
• Deals are executed faster
• Exposure to free market
• Cross border funding
• More complex versions of dividend policies and voting rights
• Decreased manipulation by financial institutions

The MOB20 protocol will create a set of rules that govern the issuance of security tokens, and program them into smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain so they are transparent and immutable.

Differences from competitors

Already have strong confirmed issuers on platform, lockup utility of token, unique escrow feature, investor account portals and bank partnerships to convert fiat to crypto, competitive STO service provider marketplace to ensure lower pricing and better quality. Also MOBU has one of the largest crypto currency communities in the world.

Project Team
Juan Engelbrecht
Frikkie van Biljon
Paresh Masani
Blockchain Engineer and security expert
Roman Golovay
Blockchain developer
Paul Pelser (CA)SA
Brian Golding
Ettiene Pretorius
Business Development
June Engelbrecht
Analyst (MBA)
Braam Kruger
PR & Marketing
Manan Jobanputra
Senior Blockchain Developer
Izak Viljoen
Head of Legal
Petri Van Zyl
Legal Advisor
Ronen Sartena
Director Of Business Development At Blockcrunch Capital
Dmitrii Sunka
Business Development Manager At GateON
Bobir Akilhanov
CEO At Blockcrunch Capital
Phillip Nunn
Cryptocurrency Evangelist
James Peters
ICO Blockchain Expert
Ali Ömer Horzum
TokenSuite.Io TokenDrops.Com BountySuite.Com
Nikolay Shkilev
TOP 5 ICObench Expert
Sydney Ifergan
Crypto & ICO Community Expert
Vladimir Nikitin
CRYPTO Enthusiast
James A. Butler, PhD
Crypto & ICO Community Expert
Lewis Barber
Crypto & ICO Community Expert


Token generation cap


Token distribution

80% ICO
12% Team
3% Bounty
4% advisors
1% airdrop

Token price

1 MOBU = 0.15 USD

Expect to raise

Hard cap: 35,000,000 USD

Minimum investment

0.1 ETH




25% for presale
20%-0% for public ICO


South Africa

Restricted countries

Non Accredited investors from USA

KYC: Yes