Jul 07, 2017
Jul 08, 2017

Mothership makes cryptocurrency markets accessible for EU businesses and Estonian e-Residents

Project Team
Arseniy Zarechnev
CEO, Co-founder
Anton Egorov
CTO, Co-founder
Oleg Gutsol
Head of global growth
Keonne Rodriguez
Product advisor
Dmitri Akatov, PhD
Technology advisor
Bruno Marnette, PhD
Technology advisor
George Mills
Mentor, Business advisor
Jon Taylor
Product and Technology
Stefan Jespers
Crypto, Trading and Marketing advisor
Jason Yates
Product and technology
Marshall Stokes
Infrastructure and Security
Token sales

Token price: $0,04 locked in ETH on the date the crowdsale starts

Expected to raise

Total supply 200,000,000
Minimal goal 50,000,000 MSP sold

Tokens distribution

70%: Available for purchase
20%: Sold to strategic investors
5%: Available through referral program
5%: Team and advisors