NaPoleonX (Pre-ICO)
Nov 12, 2017
Dec 03, 2017
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An open online computer driven asset management platform selecting quantitative strategies (trading bots) from world class traders, where each crypto-fund dedicated to a specific Asset Class, both real (equity indices, gold, forex, credit …).and crypto assets (BTC, ETH…). It will enhance the traditional model by improving its governance through smart contracts’ implementation. DAF (Decentralized Autonomous Fund) gives investors access to robust investing strategies on any real or crypto assets, unboxing their cryptocurrencies and diversifying their investment returns.


Project Team
Stéphane Ifrah
Arnaud Dartois, PhD
Jean-Charles Dudek
Stefan Duprey, PhD
Alexandre Coutouly
Rémi Hassan
Diane Guillemin
Marien Irzykiewicz
Carlos Rodriguez
Kun Xu
Jianfei Zhang
Jérome de Tychey
Stéphane Mardel
Lucas Bouldoires
Yanning MA
Tokens generation
Minimum cap: 25 000 ETH

Expected to raise

Soft target cap: 100 000 ETH
Maximum cap uncapped

Tokens exchange

1 NPX = 5.805 ETH

Available currency

ETH only

Tokens distribution

77.22%: ICO Contributors
12.28%: Bonus Program
10.50%: Founders and Advisors