Nov 29, 2017
Dec 29, 2017

NAU is the platform that directly connects customers and retailers using blockchain technology to guarantee transparency and reliability. By enabling every user to be an affiliate to any retailer, NAU encourages consumers to spread the word about the platform, creating a unique ecosystem where each user is an avid ambassador, because that’s him, who gets rewarded by the retailers for bringing sales to the latter. The retailers, in their turn, get access to the highly-targeted local audience and pay only for the real leads ending up with particular actions including sales. This is by the teams vision the best possible interpretation of once popular SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) marketing approach.

NAU is a very ambitious project requiring substantial initial and operational expenses. Its global aim is to create a fair and mutually beneficial platform where retailers can comfortably get additional sales based on transparent and affordable price while directly rewarding those who make these sales possible - the affiliates. 

Project Team
Yaroslav Shakula
Egor Bruskin
Max Gavriuk
​Olga Romanova
Head international sales
​Andrew Tsvirkun
Coordinator, smart contract developer
​Ievgen Pervushyn
Core developer
​Alex Olar
DBA, Blockchain developer
Serhii Poraiko
Mobile developer
​Oleksandr Khoronko
Mobile developer
​Artur Yenatskyi
Frontend developer
Alex Voronovich
Backend developer
​Aleksandr Stoilovskyi
Backend developer
Oleksandr Doskich
Backend developer
Ashit Joshi
Tzvi Shishler
​Marc Kenigsberg
Token generation cap

20,000,000 NAU

Token distribution

30% - new markets launch
40% - retailers and customers acquisition, global marketing
12% - infrastructure, legal, IT and HR costs for new local offices
8% - NAU token liquidity support fund
5% - extra R&D expenses
3% - team
2% - reserve

Tokens exchange

1 NAU = 0,04$