Mar 26, 2018
Apr 29, 2018

Neurogress develops the software for neurocontrol of electronics and machinery, and also creates prostheses and robots that are controlled by human thoughts. The scope of neurocontrolled devices is infinite, because all the developments are a priori designed to maintain and improve human capabilities. This project implements a neurocontrol technology that allows people to interact with other mechatronic devices in order to control them by the power of thought.

Neurogress aims to develop an entire ecosystem that will combine the interaction of clients and both software and hardware developers; designers, creative people, technology enthusiasts, philanthropists. The company understands that it intends to create a completely new, yet scalable, segment of the Internet of Things market (hereinafter, the Internet of Things, IoT). As any neurocontrolled gadget will be connected to the Internet (if the owner wants it), which will make it easier to adapt the ecosystem to the communication of all interested parties.

Project Team
Konstantin Gorbunov
Chief Executive Officer
Aleksandr Ovcharenko
Chief Technology Officer
Anna Berkovich
Public Relationships
Michail Hinterleitner
Specialist in Mechatronic Systems
Iurii Katkov
External Software Developer
Ahmet Bilgili
Software Developer
Stanislav Marycev
Financial System Analyst
Julia Loboda
Head Of Neurocontrol Research
Vitaly Grib
Yaroslav Belkin
Georges Al Medawar
Zakhid Gasymov
Neuro/AI Architecture Advisor
Sohila Zadran
Neuro/AI Architecture Advisor
Nemanja Nikitovic
Cyber Security
Token generation cap

200,000,000 NG

Tokens exchange

Pre-ICO: 1 NG = 0,0008475 ETH 
ICO: 1 NG = 0,001285 ETH