Dec 01, 2017
Dec 31, 2017

The project to implement the world's first investment financial Blockchain product in the oil and gas sector - the derivative ODMCoin combines advanced technologies in the field of finance and industrial production of equipment for processing oil drilling mud. Oil Drilling Mud is a liquid, paste-like or solid waste that is a mixture of oil, a solid phase and water. Advanced technology of processing oil sludge "waste" as raw materials, allows to get from it building material, electricity, fuels. 

Decentralized direct investments in the project will be done through the purchase of the ODMCoin option. "Decentralization" of them should ensure the independence of the project from the influence of state and large companies. The project fully uses the ideology of the national project "Clean Country".

Project Team
Aleksandr Doronin
Mikhail Tsekhanskii
Deputy Director of Finance
Oleg Novikov
Chief of Science
Fanil Yusupov
IT Chief
Viktor Matvienko
Deputy Director of Business Development
Vladimir Kuznetsov
Production Director
Irina Barzhak
Press center Director
Vasiliy Vasilkov
International project support, USA
Tokens generation cap

25 000 ODMC

Tokens exchange

1 ODMC = $52,8


BTC, ETH, Waves, USD


Yuriy Besedovskiy

Tokens distribution
Team: 2 500 ODMC
Bounty: 500 ODMC
PreICO: 4 000 ODMC 
ICO: 18 000 ODMC