May 14, 2018
May 26, 2018

Founded in Italy, now with global operations, the ORS GROUP is a software company with over 20 years of experience in delivering sophisticated A.I.-based optimization software solutions to a large international client base.

Their new product, the Hypersmart Contracts (“HSC”), aims to provide access to more than 1,000 proprietary algorithms and hundreds of software solutions to the Crypto Community and to established businesses. At ORS, we envision a planetary network of entrepreneurs and independent companies empowered by the new digital alphabet: ABC – Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency.

Project Team
Pierluigi Riva
Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Fabio Zoffi
President & Executive Chairman
Felice Pollano
Chief Software Architect
Alex Arotsker
HSC Community & PM
Antonio Vetrò
Blockchain R&D
Chiara Allasia
Quant Team Leader
Ruggiero Scommegna
Quant Specialist
Claudia Costa
Software Architect
Bryan Woods
Lead Ethereum Developer
Jee Abbey Lee
Director of Communications
Eric Achtmann
Chandra Subramanian
Ingo Fiedler
Blockchain Advisor
Arnab Naskar
Crowdsale Advisor
Token generation cap

833,333,333 ORST

Tokens exchange

1 ORST = 0.05 EUR


5% Bonus when using an Eidoo wallet

Expect to raise

Soft cap: 5,000,000 EUR
Hard cap: 25,000,000 EUR



Differences from competitors

We see our project as a first of its kind because of our groundbreaking HyperSmart Contracts.