Aug 15, 2017
Sep 15, 2017

Propy recognizes the significant challenges of technology adoption and builds a multi-stage solution to be gradually phased in over time. The Propy team works actively on several fronts to ensure that we are building the correct solution that can solve real problems while also complying with all regulations.

Propy has a very simple and scalable business model and takes a small percentage of the final purchase price. The payment is initially processed in fiat and cryptocurrencies will be phased in for the jurisdictions where possible. 

Project Team
Natalia Karayaneva
Andrey Zamovski
Chief Blockchain Architect
Alexander Voloshyn
Maria Angelova
John Wong
Business Development
Denitza Tyufekchieva
Business Development
John Heeter
Solidity Developer
Ivan Ivanov
Mobile Developer
Oleksii Konashevych
Blockchain architect and researcher
Denis Davidov
Nedialko Vatev
Product Manager
Michael Arrington
Daniel Kottke
David Cowan
Vinny Lingham
Mike Costache
Bruce Cahan
Jeremy Gardner
Tokens exchange

1 PRO = $1

Tokens distribution

35% - token sale
35% - network growth
15% - donations
15% - development team

Expected to raise

100,000,000 PRO

Token generation cap

Utility Token