Royal Kingdom Coin

Jul 10, 2017
Aug 11, 2017

Royal Kingdom Enterprise Limited decided to seek initial funding to promote the development of its projects by creating their own digital tokens called Royal Kingdom Coins, represented by the acronym RKC.
The launch of RKC Token aims to raise funds that will allow the development of projects proposed by the organization. Strategically, based on the most modern fundraising models currently on the market, including crowdfunding, we have developed a clear and transparent approach to our actuation and intention to apply resources.

Project Team
Abu Sulayman Saleh
Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder
Serge Uvarov
Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder
Adriana Costa
Chief Financial Officer
Alik Ohanyan
Senior Software Engineer
Igor Tarasov
Senior Software Engineer
Davit Okhikyan
Senior Software Engineer
Suelen Sourient
Chief Public Relations Officer
Houcine Malik
Director of Digital Marketing
Chernoh Sow
Mediator of Social Networks
Expected to raise

15,000,000 RKC

Token sales

1 RKC = $0,10 = Starting Value

Tokens distribution

80% (12,000,000 RKC): shareholders, founders and RKC team;
18% (2,700,000 RKC): acquisition at ICO;
2% (300,000 RKC): were sold in the Pre-Sale period;