Mar 12, 2018
Apr 30, 2018

The Signal Token will be an Ethereum blockchain based ERC 20 token. All paid features available on the Signals Platform will be accessible exclusively using Signal tokens. Signals’ business model is based on two main revenue streams. First, Signals charges a fee on each purchase in the Signals marketplaces.

This includes:

  • Purchases of user-created indicators in the Indicator Marketplace;
  • Purchases of data streams in the Data Marketplace;
  • Renting of user-made strategies for copy trading in the Strategies Marketplace;
  • Using premium machine learning features in order to assemble and train trading strategies.

The second revenue stream comes from the Signals cloud solution for deploying strategies. A subscription model will be implemented, with several tiers to choose from based on the amount of strategies used.

Project Team
Pavel Němec
CEO & Co-founder
Pavel Volek
CTO & Co-founder
Jan Budík
Algorithmic Trading Expert
Zdeňka Šeděnka
Data Scientist
Michal Krajňanský
Machine Learning Specialist
Josef Jelacic
Smart Contract Developer
Matouš Roskovec
Head of Growth Marketing
Jaroslav Šeděnka
Cryptography and Security Expert
Martin Solárik
Backend Developer
Gabriel Zanko
Fin-Tech Entrepreneur
Philip Staehelin
Entrepreneur and Investor
Milan Pašek
Founder & CEO @ Quantasoft
Benn Godenzi
Blockchain Entrepreneur
Martin Drdul
Fin-Tech Investor
Samuel McCulloch
Tokens generation cap

1,969,482 SGN

Token distribution

50% ICO
20% Reward for the Developers & Data Scientists.
18% Reserve
10% Advisors & Partners
2% Bounty 

Tokens exchange

1 SNG = $0.253874

Expect to raise

Soft Cap: $2,000,000
Hard Cap: $18,000,000