Nov 01, 2018
Dec 31, 2018

SovereignWallet aims to provide self-sovereign finance to all the unbanked people. SovereignWallet is one of first smart cryptocurrency wallet that supports Smart Contract natively. Inside, we created a built-in utility token called MUI. It is a new type of stable token that is designed to protect and potentially increase its intrinsic value over time with Algorithmic Central Bank and Treasury System. MUI's built-in algorithmic central bank controls the circulating volume of the token to stabilize the price and protect the value from dropping. MUI's treasury system will accumulate the profits from SovereignWallet's decentralized exchange and meta-blockchain services. This accumulated assets of the treasury will support the value of MUI token over time. SovereignWallet's mobile decentralized exchange platform, M.DEX is a custody-free, fixed-rate, and atomic swap exchange. Our long-term goal is to build a meta-blockchain that is a programmable blockchain that will be able to support multiple protocols in a single blockchain. This technology will make it ease for everyone to create new coins and pegged stable coins without needing to build a new blockchain.

Project Team
Seokgu Yun
Frances Kim
Nigamananda Sahoo
Chief Programmer
Hyun Jae Lee
Senior Programmer
Raissa Otaviano
Global Marketing Manager
Token name


Token generation cap

1 Billion Tokens

Token distribution

80% ICO

10% Team 

10% AirDrop (Bounty)

Token price

1 ETH = 2,500 MUI

Expect to raise

Soft cap: 40,000 ETH

Minimum investment








Restricted countries

United States, China



Differences from competitors

MUI Meta-blockchain will allow the minting of lightweight meta-bitcoin on SovereignWallet, that will be 100% pegged to Bitcoin. SovereignWallet' algorithmic exchange bank will provide a service to convert Bitcoin to meta-bitcoin and vice versa. MUI Meta-Blockchain will make everyone to easily mint a new coin or to easily convert token to coin. MUI Algorithmic Central Bank will provide the minting and conversion service. The profits from these service will be accumulated to the treasury and the net wealth of the treasury will support the value of MUI token, that will become the exchange token of M.DEX and the master-coin of MUI meta-blockchain.