Dec 07, 2017
Jan 10, 2018

The new era of Swiss Private Banking with smart contracts. The SwissBorg project aims to revolutionize wealth management with a community-centric approach powered by Ethereum. SwissBorg will be the first Swiss cyber bank offering tailor-made crypto investment services.

Project Team
Cyrus Fazel
Anthony Lesoismier
Christophe Diserens
Maxime Gillot
Deni Dudaev
Business Development Manager
Marco Guerreiro
Head of Quantitative Strategies
Micha Roon
Smart Contract Expert
Olga Vorobyeva
Head of PR and CM
Maëlle Baud
Head of Digital Marketing
Colin Wirz
Python Developer
Tomas Hanak
IT Operations
Mai Kiguchi
Blockchain advisor
Ken Yagami
Head of Japan
Jeremy Baumann
Head of Discretionary Portfolio Management
Daniel De Sousa
Business Development Manager
Henri Haeni
CEO Abilene Advisors
Dhanesh Kothari
IT Senior Programme Manager
Samuel Johnson
CTO Smartlink SA
Daniel Gasteiger
Founder of Procivis AG
Miko Matsumara
Pantera Capital
Alexander Fazel
Founder of Chameleons Japan
Enrico Ferro
Digital Innovation Guru
David Drake
Token generation cap

1,000,000,000 CHSB and 35,000,000 CSB

Token distribution

62,5% ICO 
20% Team 
2,5% Bounty and Advisors
15% Will be sold to VCs for higher price than at ICO

Tokens exchange

1 CHSB = 0,10 CHF
1 CSB = 0,01 ETH


Pre-ICO 20%