Dec 11, 2017
Dec 30, 2017

The company's eponymous cryptocurrency, Telcoin, is based on the popular Ethereum blockchain. It will be issued to national telecom operators and sold to subscribers, allowing it to be used by anyone - with or without a bank account. Telcoin will be as easy to access and spend as existing mobile money, and it will be protected by a net of telecom security and compliance. The team envisions it as a complement to existing mobile money and, in the near future, a mainstream driver of cryptocurrency adoption at large.

Project Team
Paul Neuner
Co-founder & Chairman
Claude Eguinta
Co-founder & CEO
Alix Zerd
Business Development – Crypto
NaÏm Boughazi
Product Director
Simo Kinnunen
Lead Developer
Adam Kull
Mobile Lead
Yacine Farouk
Marketing Director
Nobusuke Matsuoka
BizDev - Telecom
Eric Chung
Executive Director
Christopher Rizanow
Community Manager
Michimasa Naka
Toby Hoenisch
Jeff Quigley
Rajesh Sabari
Chris Suh
Batara Eto
Matthew McGuire
Mark Bivens
David Morrow
Token generation cap

100,000,000,000 coins

Token distribution

25% ICO
22% Investors
3% Bonus pool
50% Telcom issuance (over 10 years)
15% Telcoin Pte Ltd
5% Liquidity
5% Telcoin Foundation

Tokens exchange

Telcoin unit price = (Total funds raised during pre-ICO & ICO) / (22%) / 100,000,000,000


Up to 30% for Presale

Differences from competitors

"The unique utility of Telcoin lies within its partnerships with Mobile Operators. By using their existing customer base, KYC, security infrastructure, and mobile money platforms, we are able to theoretically reach the five billion cellphone holders worldwide as opposed to the only one billion banked. In doing so, we bring financial inclusion directly to the unbanked in developing nations while simultaneously introducing them to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Moreover, Paul, the co-founder & chairman of Telcoin, founded Mobius Wireless Solutions, a company that created fraud management software for Telecommunication companies globally (over 50+ companies are using this software). In doing so, Paul has established himself as an industry expert and has deep connections within the industry. "