Dec 28, 2017
Jan 04, 2018

A utility token that can be used for transactions on a wide range of assets via the exchange.

Project Team
Jim Pressler
Manmohan Singh
Chief Strategy Officer
Charles Voltron
Chief Technology Officer
Chien Lee
Board Member
Luke Szkudlarek
Chief Marketing Officer
Damian McDowell
Board Member
Roy Gusthall
Board Member
William Heyn
Capital Markets
Desikan Narasimhan
Chief Engineering Officer
Ravi Condamoor
Chief Data Officer
John Valenti
VP Institutional Sales
Eugene Vaynblat
Operations Manager
Lori Thodde
Finance Manager
Kendra Holman
Head Customer Relations
Simon Choi
Head Of Legal, APAC
John Patrick Mullin
Roy Hen
John Lewis
Remigo Bongulielmi
Michael Greenberg
Sonny Singh
David Hannigan
Tom O’Reilly
Christopher Zenios
Token generation cap

500,000,000 Trade Tokens

Token distribution

PRE-ICO & ICO = 55%
Liquidity Pool = 10%
Advisors and Vendors = 4%
Founders and Developers = 20%
Reserved Tokens = 11%

Tokens exchange

1 ETH = 600 Trade Tokens

Differences from competitors
  • Meets investment bank regulatory requirements
  • Participate in a shared liquidity pool
  • Daily payouts to wallets in fiat and cryptocurrency