Sep 08, 2017
Jan 08, 2018

U.CASH is combining cash with digital currencies, a retail network of converters, apps and partner integrations to offer financial services similar to those offered by banks and other digital currency capabilities including converting between various cryptocurrencies and other assets. Building a GLOBAL NETWORK of converters, users and partners.
Its mission:
Bringing access to digital currencies with cash at retail locations worldwide.
Enabling end users to access much needed financial services through their mobile phones using an intuitive "mobile banking" style interface and service structure. This is done entirely using decentralized Blockchain technologies allowing for Peer-to-Peer services.
Giving the world a new social economic system, platform and infrastructure for the Universal Cash Network

Project Team
Antoine De Vuyst
Sr. Blockchain Development
Dilipomi Gondhali
Sr. Front-End Developer
Jayesh Bhagat
Sr. Back-End Developer
Arunan Sri
Business Development
Janagan Ravi
Marketing & Design
Aruran Maheswaran
Business Development
Nikita Borhade
Software Development
Ageesen Sri
Brian Phan
Executive Officer
Arvind Borhade
Technology Officer
Kyle Kemper
Marketing Officer
Sina Kachooie
Operations Officer
William Mougayar
Blockchain & Business
Manie Eagar
Financial Technology
Dr. Jane Thomason
Global Social Policy
Loretta Joseph
Financial Markets & Banking
Daniel Houseley
Finance & Operations
Shyaam Sundhar
Security & Technology
Amber D. Scott
Compliance & Regulatory
Lynn Nguyen
Banking & Remittance
Marlon Neil
MSB & Retail
Tokens generation cap

21,000,000,000 XUC

Tokens exchange

1 XUC = 0.01 USD


25% During Pre-IBO Period

Differences from competitors

1) Actual products: 3 years of development, alpha, beta and pilots
2) Team with huge following online and in-person 
3) Amazing distribution model for the IBO
4) Actual real world partnerships and implementations
5) Team launched World's first retail bitcoin exchange

Tokens distribution

80,9% IBO
5,55%  Team
4% Marketing
9,55% Benefits