Jul 27, 2018
Aug 28, 2018

Utilizing the power of blockhain and IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence, WatermelonBlock is a product that is providing investment solutions to market problems via sentiment analysis. By scanning sentiment from social and traditional media, WatermelonBlock arms investors with real-time actionable insights at the press of a button. As proud partners of IBM, WatermelonBlock makes AI and sentiment analysis accessible to investors of all different levels of experience.

Differences from competitors

Watermelon Block’s proprietary algorithms and official development partnership with IBM create a strong, and unique competitive advantage and brand equity. Compounded with a working viable product, this is what places WatermelonBlock above its competitors, Daneel & Sentigraph.

Project Team
Elliot Rothfield
Director/UX Designer
Sonia Miles-Khan
Daniel Shani
Motti Peer
Public Relations
Adrian Rich
Marketing Strategist
Bill Angelidis
Blockchain Development Specialist
Jason Lee
NEM Blockchain Consultant
John Louzio
Internal Financial Consultant/Accountant
Chris Moore
Software Development Manager
Boris Peter
Manitius IBM Watson Specialist
Effi Shwintarsky
Head of Analytics
Salil Ahuja
IBM Watson Genius
Ali Pinch
Marketing Co-ordinator
Aaron Newson
Cryptocurrency Specialist
Viraj Evans
Lead Data Scientist
Yelena Galstyan
Social Media Manager
Michael Blau
Web Developer

WatermelonBlocks (WMB)

Token generation cap


Token distribution

60% ICO Token distribution
10% Seed Investors
20% Team Members, Board Members and Developers
10% Emergency Token Reserve

Token price

1 WMB = 0.116 USD

Expect to raise

Soft cap: 3,500,000 USD
Hard cap: 8,000,000 USD

Minimum investment

Round I (Private Sale) - 15 ETH
Round II (Public-Pre Sale) - 5 ETH
Round III (ICO Public Sale) - 1 ETH




Investors can gain exclusive access to the WatermelonBlock public pre-sale by registering on the WatermelonBlock website. Public pre-salers will receive a 25% bonus.



Restricted countries

USA, China

KYC: yes