WePower (Pre-ICO)
Sep 15, 2017
Sep 28, 2017
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WePower is developing a distributed clean energy network based on Blockchain and smart contract technologies to accelerate the shift from central dirty energy to local distributed clean energy. It is connected to the energy grid and energy exchange markets.

WePower connects existing and new renewable energy producers with companies and people that either want to use clean energy or to invest in the 100% clean future. Energy developers cut intermediary commission fees or raise less expensive funds for new projects by selling future energy at today’s price. Energy consumers benefit from the cheaper future energy and participation in CO2 or other green energy certificate markets.

Project Team
Nikolaj Martyniuk
Co-Founder, Energy
Artūras Asakavičius
Co-Founder, Investments
Augustas Staras
Co-Founder, P2P & Crowdfunding
Jon Matonis
Blockchain advisor
Nimrod Lehavi
Fintech & security
Steven Meersman
Energy markets
Dr. Tadas Jucikas
Data scientist
Mantas Aleksiejevas
Marketing & Sales
Rene Fischer
Brand strategy
Lukas Kairys
Smart Contracts consultant
Aukse Siaudzionyte
Content & social media manager
Vytautas Alkimavičius
Senior software engineer, Metasite
Ignas Bobinas
Software engineer, Metasite
Jelena Pinajeva
Business analyst, Metasite
Rasa Jonkutė
UI/UX designer, Metasite
Tokens exchange

1 ETH = 1000 WPR



Tokens distribution

20% Team & WePower Network development​ 
10% Community​ ​and​ ​users​ ​growth​ ​pool​ 
15%  Reserve for future stakeholders