Wiki Token

Apr 09, 2018
Aug 09, 2018

Crypto technologies are becoming more important every day, but those who wish to study the topic face a couple of serious challenges:
- Universities all around have become politically biased and are failing to keep up with disruptive technologies like blockchain; 
-Getting accurate information from popular open sources seems almost impossible in the wake of censorship, political pressure, and deceitful media. 
To tackle these problems, we ( – an independent, anonymous community – are creating a Crypto University with the sole purpose of disseminating the latest, most accurate knowledge about the crypto world, free of all censorship and political oversight. 
Crypto University will offer students a space to access and share information about crypto technology, blockchain, economical outlooks, and more; all updated and fact-checked in real time. Wiki tokens will circulate through the University in a cycle, bringing the faculty, campus, and library together. Users will get tokens, receive a crypto education, create their own courses, and receive tokens in return. Those who enroll in courses will be students; those designing courses will be professors.

Token generation cap

21,000,000 wiki tokens will be released

Token distribution

35% of the tokens will be on offering to cover the cost of the wiki foundation, project launching, marketing and engaging the first professors

35% of the tokens will be distributed among the authors of the first successful classes

10% of the tokens will be reserved by a smart contract. They will only become available for the team 5 years after the project launches

20% of the tokens will be available for students who contribute to the WIKI library

Tokens exchange

Current round 2:  1 wiki token = 0.0041 ETH 

Token price will increase by 0.0001ETH with every 125,000 tokens offered

Expect to raise

29,400 ETH