Oct 14, 2017
Dec 15, 2017

WorldCore - The future of Swiss banking. WorldCore offers a wide range of payment solutions which making the financial lives of our customers easier and comfortable. WorldCore is a fully operating and profitable business with transaction volume expected to increase over EUR 100mill by the end of 2017, WorldCore also has over 40 employees and originally established in 2015. WorldCore is opening its virtual doors to the new digital currency markets, implementing the ease of using digital currencies with facial and voice recognition login technological innovations.

Project Team
Alex Sol
Head of digital marketing
Igor Prokhorenko
Evgenii Zhuikov
Net team lead
Sean Patterson
Alex Nasonov
Founder & CEO
Bohdan Taranenko
Chief Compliance and Administrative Officer
Ilyas Garifullin
C# Senior Developer
Sergei Surkov
C# Senior Developer
Sergey Bazilevskih
C# Senior Developer
Daniil Panov
C# & PHP Middle Developer
Georgiy Malyukov
iOS Senior Developer
Mikhail Zisman
Android Senior Developer
Ivan Berezovsky
QA Team Lead
Denis Soldatov
QA Engineer
Aleksandr Boikov
System Administrator
Marianna Luzanová
Legal advisor & compliance officer
Marina Kopáčková
Chief Accountant
Anthony Diiorio
CEO & Founder at Jaxx & Decentral, Founder at Ethereum
Andrii Zamovsky
Founder at Orderbook
Tokens exchange

1 WRC = 0,10 USD

Tokens generation cap

1,000,000,000 WRC

Token distribution

87% ICO
10% Team
3% Bounty


10% for accredited investors

Differences from competitors

Leading profitable and established and licensed payment processing company.