First Global Credit launches international market trading competition with prize fund worth 20BTC.

The month long competition is pitting would-be Wolves of Wall Street against each other as they use a competition trading account loaded with 100 virtual BTC to try and create the largest profits.

Free to enter, the market based competition may be the first taste many users have of the world of high pressure day-trading. Speaking to Marcie Terman, First Global Credit's Business Development Director  Cointelegraph asked how she saw new traders getting on with the system.

“One thing we’ve learned from our experience with traditional markets is there is no clear profile that marks a profitable trader from an unprofitable one or any given personality that will enjoy the pressure of actively trading in markets. The purpose of our paper trading platform and our trading competition is to allow people to see if active trading suits their temperament and their lifestyle without them risking a single satoshi of their own money.”

The competition begins on 23 March, and runs for one month. Daily updates will be available on the First Global Credit Facebook page, allowing for users to check the daily leader boards and see how they're shaping up against their competitors.

Terman also explained that based on the last time FGC ran a trading competition there would be quite a few participants sharing notes, comparing tips, and generally discussing the contest over on the BitcoinTalk boards.

Cointelegraph's own Maria Jones took some time to check out the competition, and explain the details about First Global Credit's market trading platform, see here report below.



The competition begins on 23 March and runs for one month. To enter, head over to First Global Credit and your new account. When the contest starts, you'll find a competition tab appears in your FGC trading account window giving you access to the 100 virtual BTC.

Allowing users to take positions in over 50 global markets, from gold to the NASDAQ, First Global Credit is creating a new segment within the digital currency trading sector. Rather than users selling their bitcoins to take positions in these markets, FGC's platform allows those bitcoin funds to remain as BTC and instead be used as collateral with up to five times leverage.

For all the details, head over to our competition page here.

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