A blockchain application platform has proudly unveiled a brand-new interoperability solution at an annual event held for developers.

In total, eight roadmap objectives were unveiled by Lisk during the self-titled Lisk.js conference, which was held virtually and live-streamed from a stage in Berlin.

One of the most significant of these is cross-chain update transactions, which ensure that information can be carried securely and quickly between networks.

Details were also revealed about how sidechains will be introduced to the Lisk ecosystem — and the safeguards in place that ensure sidechains can be terminated if necessary.

Support is also going to be rolled out for nonfungible tokens — meaning that Lisk users will be able to create, destroy and transfer NFTs like any other asset class.

Plenty of work ahead

One thing that was clear from the Lisk.js 2021 event was that this is only the beginning, and the project’s research team has plenty of work ahead of them.

Future objectives will include further improving the interoperability solution that has been put forward, reducing the time for finality in its consensus mechanism, and enhancing Lisk’s user interface to guarantee seamless and secure access. All of this is designed to ensure that the platform’s infrastructure is futureproof — and will remain relevant and useful for the community for many years to come.

Being able to interact with other ecosystems is regarded as pivotal because it means Lisk becomes much more than a solid autonomous blockchain application, but also a universally interoperable blockchain solution. This is increasingly being regarded by the blockchain community as a vital step forward, preventing fragmentation and ensuring that duns can effortlessly flow between networks.

Each part of the roadmap has been given a name that relates to a precious stone — and after successfully completing the Quartz, Amber and Ruby stages, Lisk is coming to the end of its Emerald phase. This is especially fitting, as this stone symbolizes new beginnings and good health.

The interoperability phase of this platform’s journey is going to begin with Sapphire, while the Diamond stage will focus on expanding this cutting-edge protocol to other blockchains through Lisk bridges. Just two of the candidates that are being considered include Ethereum and Polkadot.

“While blockchain networks differ in security, privacy and throughput, interoperability will allow cross-communication between varying networks, circumnavigating the hindrances associated with different blockchain networks,” Lisk said. “Continued expansion and innovation in the space of blockchain interoperability will lead to greater accessibility, allowing for wide-scale use and mass adoption.”

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Getting involved

The entire Lisk community is now being invited to get involved. Not only can they discover every detail of the platform’s interoperability solution in a dedicated forum, but they are also being invited to give their feedback.

Lisk’s co-founder and CEO, Max Kordek, said: “In conceptualizing our roadmap to complete ecosystem interoperability, we were struck by the image of the diamond, the multifaceted emblem of invincibility, purity and perfection that represents everything we hope to achieve.

“To reach this point, Lisk will traverse through the gemstones, most immediately through Emerald to Sapphire, building the pathway to the future reveal of the Lisk blockchain application platform’s final form: Diamond. The coming months are going to be enormously exciting and we encourage developers to get involved right now by engaging with our accessible code and loyal community.”

Both days of Lisk.js 2021 were live-streamed on YouTube, and recordings remain available to view.

As previously reported by Cointelegraph, Lisk recently launched a refreshed website with substantial improvements and a new design — transferring its domain name in the process from Lisk.io to Lisk.com.

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