Major semiconductor firm AMD Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lisa Su has claimed that the company is very interested in participating in Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency mining market. She further stated that they are merely waiting how the business community and the industries will adopt Blockchain and the digital currencies before making their move.

Her recent statement is a complete turnaround from her earlier statement about the company’s plans and efforts involving Blockchain.

In her appearance on CNBC’s Power Lunch Exclusive interview portion, Su has talked about various issues like Blockchain, the tax reform bill in the US, sexual harassment in the workplace and the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

She also shared her views on digital currency mining and its impact on their sales of graphics cards. She claimed that the virtual currency miners represent just a very small percentage of their sales.

“Cryptocurrency miners were a ‘very small percentage’ of sales and specifically that they represented a mid-single digit percentage of buyers (~four to six percent).

This number is hard to believe for me as I expected it to be significantly higher with the prices of graphics cards continuing to climb well above MSRP. (It wasn’t too bad when writing our gift guide and shortly after but just as I was about to commit I looked and prices had shot back up again coinciding with a resurgence in mining popularity with the price of cryptocurrencies rising and improving ROI).”

Other highlights of the interview

During the interview, Su also talked about the operational developments at their company. She claims that gaming continues to be an enormous growth market for the firm.

She also announced the launching of 10 new product families, as well as the firm’s sharp increases in sales on Amazon and Newegg in 2017 as compared to sales in 2016. She claimed that their processor sales have tripled, while their sales of graphics cards have increased by a double-digital percentage.