Recently, Argentina-based payment operator enBitcoins expanded its services to Colombia. The company’s CEO and founder, Marcelo Guillen told Cointelegraph they are offering the benefits of Bitcoin utility payments to local residents. Five days ago they posted a small announcement about the launch of their Colombian office at Tarringa.

enBitcoins was the first Bitcoin bills payment service in Argentina. They allow users to pay bills via the Internet without the need  to go out of your home. They charge a 2% fee for their services.

enBitcoins doesn’t require any government papers to use their platform. They also use SSL encryption to ensure the security of their service.

Marcelo Gullien told Cointelegraph:

“People love our service because we solve many problems… In Argentina we are 300 tickets and 55k usd per month in bills. We expect that other countries  will also grow that fast”.

He also added that the company plans to expand to Mexico as soon as possible and - in long-term prospect - to the whole Latin America.

enBitcoins CEO and founder, Marcelo Guillen