Big Brother Isn’t Watching: Crypto Platform Offers ‘Secure Messaging’

A new “feature-rich ecosystem” has been created for privacy-conscious individuals who want to keep their communications confidential and their data secure.

The team of networking technology enthusiasts behind Utopia say it wants to create an antidote to a world of total surveillance — delivering a platform that offers freedom, anonymity and no censorship.

Utopia has been in development for six years, all with the motivation of building an environment in which “Big Brother” isn’t watching the public’s every move. The team says its decentralized peer-to-peer network enables users to communicate with whomever they want, whenever they want — all while enjoying “guaranteed” freedom of speech. Every user’s physical location is kept anonymous, and measures have been put in place to ensure communication and data cannot be intercepted by third parties. As a result, account data is encrypted and kept on the user’s own device. 

How it works

Upon logging into the platform, Utopia users can send and receive instant messages and voice recordings to their contacts. High-speed elliptic curve cryptography is used to secure these communications.

The ecosystem also boasts uMail, which developers describe as a more secure alternative to email. It has been built in a way that makes it familiar to those who have only used mainstream email providers until now — complete with an inbox, a trash folder, filters and search functionality.

Also, any type of file can be transferred to contacts — irrespective of its size. Utopia says this means that communications with friends, family and colleagues is only as limited as a user’s imagination. From holiday pictures to financial reports, draft documents to images of artwork, the process of uploading and downloading files is designed to be as simple as possible. Better still, images ca