Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has seen another major growth spurt as the altcoin’s lead developer pronounces Bitcoin (BTC) dead.

Capping what appears to be Bitcoin’s 191st life, Deadal Nix tweeted Tuesday as BCH began picking up steam that the August hard fork meant Bitcoin already no longer existed.

“Bitcoin is dead. It was split in two. There is Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Core/Legacy. Deal with it,” he wrote in response to a warning about BCH from online commentator Alphonse Pace.

The Core community was quick to respond, Charlie Shrem noting that Nix publicly describes himself as a “pro shitlord.”

The continuing tension comes as BCH is on the way to doubling its USD value since recent lows of $947 Nov. 17.

Current cross-exchange data shows prices approaching $1,600 per coin, yet November’s second maneuver is having a markedly lesser impact on Bitcoin prices.

BTC is trading around $8,200, near all-time highs poster several days ago. During BCH’s previous bull run, Bitcoin plummeted, albeit to quickly regain value to continue to break $8,000 for the first time.

Meanwhile, the strange consequences of BCH’s “malicious” hard fork are still playing out, with the Bitcoin Clashic Twitter account putting out calls for miner support.