Bitcoin is heading back towards all-time highs as prices across the ecosystem approach the $1,250 barrier.

Following a month of subdued value after the Winklevoss ETF rejection in March, a steady resurgence has been underway. Now, the price per Bitcoin is hot on the heels of the highs witnessed prior to the ETF decision.

Data from CoinMarketCap shows sustained upward trends for Bitcoin, against a recent backdrop of considerable altcoin volatility.

Bitcoin Charts

On the market, however, the landscape is somewhat different to what it was a month ago. Spreads across exchanges have widened following the banking problems experienced by Bitfinex and now OKCoin.

The kink in the chain is again focussed on China, where regulatory upheaval has resulted in continued uncertainty for investors. It is not just exchange users who are facing funding problems; it is also reported that over-the-counter traders have been singled out and had capital liquidated.

Poloniex, traditionally a major altcoin market, is currently listing a price per Bitcoin of over $1,300.

As Cointelegraph reported on Thursday and earlier this week, the exchange’s decision to delist a surprising 17 altcoins could potentially result in an en masse transfer of funds to save havens.

Little information is known about Poloniex’s decision, with some of the currencies earmarked for delisting considerably more well-known than others.