Want to be able to buy Bitcoins at your local bank? Now, if you live in the United Kingdom or Mexico, you can. Bitcoin trading service Wall of Coins has begun serving British and Mexican customers.

Wall of Coins works by anonymously and securely matching buyers and sellers of Bitcoin. Sellers provide a bank account number and SMS-capable mobile phone number, set a rate, and send Bitcoin into an escrow account. Buyers then deposit the desired amount into the seller’s account, after which the Bitcoin is released from escrow and sent to the buyer.

Robert Genito, CEO of Wall of Coins, is happy to expand service to countries beyond the United States, saying that “EVERYONE has the right to fair and safe access to Bitcoin.”

UK support by popular demand

The added functionality to the United Kingdom was announced by Wall of Coins via a tweet on May 3rd, adding that Lloyds Bank and Santander would be supported deposit methods by the exchange. According to Genito, UK integration was spurred by popular demand.

“The UK has different options for Bitcoin, and that's great. Our UK following has grown by word of mouth, and our UK following expressed too much interested for us to ignore.”

“Dream come true” for Mexico

In addition to the United Kingdom, Wall of Coins also opened up functionality in Mexico, also announced via tweet May 5th. This allows buyers to use one of several Mexican banks, as well as a MoneyGram account. Genito placed particular emphasis on the Mexican integration.

“...we are especially excited about opening up to the people of Mexico. The easiest and most secure access to Bitcoin on the planet is Wall of Coins. Many have called us a "dream come true", and Mexico doesn't have to dream anymore.”

Robert Genito, CEO of Wall of Coins