Recently website has called upon its readers to support the US Freedom act, so that Internet would once again have some breathing space without NSA hiding in shadows.

The author of the manifest posted on the website is Adi Kamdar, an activist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Having studied History of Science at Yale University, he mostly specializes in consumer privacy issues, patent and freedom of speech. Hence, it is not surprising that he has taken on himself a responsibility to write a letter to the cryptocommuity and Internet community in general to fight for their rights for privacy.

Kamdar encourages readers to act as one, together with more than six thousand websites and companies like Google, Mozilla, Reddit and Twitter to finally grant us the reform, which would change the government policy on Internet surveillance. No more personal information hoarding.

The activist also reminds us about the previous victories, which proved that world wide web cannot be easily molded by the officials to control our every, the most notable among them is the SOPA case. If SOPA had actually gone into the law books, then we would have a much darker present now, with the virtual space’s censorship that could only be compared to totalitarian regimes.

The knowledge that notorious whistle-blower Snowden brought to our ears is regarded by Kamdar as an opportunity to throw the government’s sins in its face and finally end this paranoia that’s been spreading like a disease around the vasts of Internet and beyond.

If you are interested in joining the “good fight” then you should probably read the manifest and decide for yourself. Kamdar also wrote, how a concerned “citizen” of the virtual space can make his share of the fight for our rights. Well, if this thing gets enough momentum, then maybe, just maybe we could finally free ourselves from the all-seeing eyes of the governmental control. Until then, see you at the barricades.