Most recognitions of Blockchain-based achievements revolve around the immediate ecosystem. Awards, competitions and major breakthroughs have so far been celebrated predominantly within the Blockchain community. Being recognized by conventional mainstream institutions might indeed be a huge statement as far as Blockchain development is concerned

Synereo and others

Gartner is a US-based research and advisory company. Recently, it shortlisted a number of Blockchain solution providers as “Cool Vendors in Blockchain Applications.”

Synereo, one of the shortlisted companies, is recognized for its mission especially as it concerns its upcoming product Qrator, as well as its potential for the complete disruption of the content and distribution economy. A key attraction is the benefits of granting creators, curators and consumers ownership of their data, creations and communication channels while offering novel ways to monetize intellectual property, unbound by central entities.

Other Blockchain companies shortlisted by Gartner are Factom, OpenBazaar, SmartContract and Gnosis.

With this kind of recognition, it is evident that Blockchain is making inroads in the conventional technological environment making mainstream adoption only a matter of time.

Anari Sengbe, the creator of oWo, which claims to be the first sentient cryptocurrency, tells Cointelegraph that having weathered tons of bad news and negative media, Blockchain has come out shining and smelling like roses.

Sengbe thinks that it is high time that wider society begins to appreciate the works going on within the ecosystem. He also notes that these recognitions will eventually have a positive impact on mainstream Blockchain adoption.

Sengbe says:

“Exceptional recognitions will finally start getting the heavy decision makers on board in terms of governments who can no longer be closed from the societal potential of the Blockchain that's yet to come.”