Business Blockchain developer I/O Digital (IOD) has announced a partnership with IBM as Poloniex delists its token.

I/O Digital subsequently stated that no official "partnership" with IBM has been signed, this being only in its preliminary stages.

The move comes after former IBM Mexico President Nadal Antonioni joined the company in January.

Together, an accompanying release states, the “focus is for the I/O Digital - I/O Coin Blockchain to achieve global adoption.”

IOD had faced what it described as “some rough weeks” as its coin IOC became one of seventeen shortly to disappear from cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex.

Little is known about the rationale behind the removals, yet sources suggest the “clean-up” contributed to a recent strength in Bitcoin prices.

IOD states that details of the IBM partnership “are being evaluated.” The computer giant originally offered use of its IBM Blockchain technology based on Hyperledger, yet in the release, IOD confirms it is in talks regarding use instead of its own in-house Blockchain.

“Currently IBM is offering us to use Hyperledger via their api, but we are going to recommend to instead use our Blockchain with DIONS as a base code,” it continues.

“Ideally on release of DIONS, the team will enable via API, the offering of our upgraded I/O Coin ‘DIONS’ Blockchain, to all IBM customers, developers and partners.”

In addition to IBM, IOD announced it would be one of the invited startups to join Bangkok Bank’s InnoHub event, a 12-week incubator program it says would give it the potential to generate a use case with one of Asia’s largest institutions.

“In addition, this is a great opportunity to establish a foothold in Southeast Asia & Hong Kong, or to expand our existing presence in the region through commercial partnerships,” the release adds.