Canadian startup announces a new service that allows local users to pay their credit cards bills using the digital currency.

"The idea came from asking, why can't I use bitcoins to pay my credit card bill?" explained's founder Darwin Ramon.

"The technology is already here, so why do I have to wait until the banks catch up?"

According to a company's release, Canadian residents are now given the ability to pay all Canadian credit cards, including 4 types of American Express cards, 23 MasterCards and 33 different VISA credit cards, with bitcoins. Bitcoin payments are processed by BitPay, and the credit card payment itself is done from PC Financial Bank, reads the announcement. is an online service provider owned by French Canadian company Ideas On That Inc. that aims to offer practical tools that simplify the use of Bitcoin for everyday transactions. Ramon explained:

"If bitcoins can be spent, bitcoins are useful. It is my goal to facilitate the inclusion of bitcoin in the established economy."

In June, the company announced its first product, a series of gift cards for leading brands such as Zara, Starbucks and Apple, purchasable with bitcoins. In late July, Air Canada was added to the list, allowing customers to purchase gift cards for the airline company using the digital currency.

All around the world, companies are launching services aiming to facilitate the use of Bitcoin in our everyday lives. In the Philippines,, one of Satoshi Citadel Industries' verticals, introduced earlier this year Bills Ninja, a service that allows users to pay their bills with bitcoins.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Satoshi Citadel Industries co-founder John Bailon expressed the company's desire to improve the lives of Filipinos through convenient and practical services such as Bills Ninja, and, a local 'rebittance' service.

"1 out of 10 Filipinos work outside their motherland. You would be hard-pressed to find a Filipino who isn’t related to a migrant worker," explained Bailon. "We are a country of separated families. That’s what motivates us at [Satoshi Citadel Industries]. We see how Bitcoin can improve the lives of these separated families."

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